Public Deliverables

  • Posted on: 3 February 2015
  • By: admin

WP1 Project Management
D1.1 Project Plan NIL-MRT
D1.2 Executive Summary of Project Plan:    

WP2 Development of the Network for Innovation and Learning
D2.2 Implementation of Open Access Network for Innovation and Learning (=website)
WP3 Development and Implementation of Education Material MRT (please login first)
D3.1 Online Educational Content (Menu item 'Knowledge Base')
D3.2 Two Educational Programmes on Microreactor Technology 
D3.4 Evaluation report and recommendations
D3.5 Implementation of curriculum on MRT
D3.6 Post Bachelor course in MRT
WP4 Case Studies
D4.3 Application Notes (please login first)

WP5 Quality Assurance 
(No public documents)

WP6 Dissemination
D6.2 Paper Dissemination Material
D6.3 Website and Digital Dissemination Material
D6.4 Articles for publication (application notes)
D6.5 Presentations and other promotion material for networking
WP7 Exploitation
D7.3 NIL and CfD Guidance package for new potential end users
D7.5 Seminar to present project results (event)